non*mart - designs for a post-consumer planet
Welcome to non*mart - since 2009. All about us
non*mart originally opened as an art show, design studio and shop in a storefront/gallery (San Francisco 2009) and encouraged artists to use post-consumer waste and repurposed materials to create new goods and services.

Artists, designers, and the general public visited non*mart to swap items and services. By replacing traditional consumerism with a simple barter system, non*mart calls into question our currency based, consumer driven economy.

mission is to act as a model for creative production and economic exchange to explore alternatives to consumerism and develop more relational, less commercial means of economic exchange between makers of objects and those who value them.

Even without the original storefront location, non*mart continues to explore ideas about bartering and community building through a variety of projects, workshops and events.

non*mart original location, circa 2009
original non*mart, circa 2009