non*mart - designs for a post-consumer planet
brought to you by non*mart - it's good for you...Since 2009, non*mart has been promoting alternatives to consumerisim through
a varitey of projects, occasions, workshops, art events and general good times.

Instant Gratification with InstaTrade
Do you have too much stuff?
Experience speed swapping at the Insta Trade table.

A non*mart community partner
Your Store uses empty storefronts in your neighborhood to put the everyday community on display.
A non*mart community partner

make a cardboard wallet
Use resources at hand to make your very own cardboard wallet and stash your cash in style.

experience the Trade-O-Mat
Trade your unique skills, goods or services for an amazing and fabulous piece made by a local artist.

what about the barter mobile
Wow! A mobile non*mart. Build community, get creative about re-use and learn about trade-based exchange.

why not Swap Alot
Connect with your local community using your custom made swap alot checkbook and let the trading begin.

it all started here - the original non*mart
the original non*mart
non*mart opened it’s doors in 2009 to an enthusiastic crowd eager to swap the night away. Check out the exciting workshops, services, community events and demonstrations that were all a part of the original non*mart.
non*mart - opening non*mart - buy nothing day holiday stop and swap