non*mart - designs for a post-consumer planet
non*mart's opening night - hello! let's trade
Creative Engagement - with local artists
Fabulous opening night events at non*mart made for a fun-filled evening complete with beautiful works made from repurposed materials, artist led services and lots-o-swapping.

Here's a Sampling
pocket installation service
Need an extra pocket to stash your change? Artist Naomi Vanderkindren installed 'simple', 'fancy' or 'extra fancy' handmade pockets for lucky non*mart"clients" before their very eyes.
pocket installation service
roadmap to your america
Artist Alison Pebworth collected stories, drawings and notations on sites and curiosities in the US that have made an impact on non*mart visitors - for her cross-country exhibition and research project.
logo removal service
Want to get rid of unsightly, unwanted logos from otherwise decent products? Artist Miriam Dym replaced logos with plain or patterned material.

Note: most unusual Logo Removal of the night; an umbrella!
logo removal service
roadmap to your america
Bring your read, worn and loved old books to non*mart; leave yours on the bookswap shelf and select a new tome from another non*mart shopper.
Recycle knowledge and read free!

Featured Opening Night Artists:
Lauren Davies
Miriam Dym
Benoit Gasnier
Lou Leelyn (lou's upcycles)
Greg Lowe
Kathryn Kenworth
Kimberlee Koym
Francesca Pastine
Alison Pebworth
Sasha Petrenko
Eric Smilie
Stephanie Syjuco
Claudia Tennyson
and Naomi Vanderkindren .