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Trade-O-Mat : What's it all about?
Your money's no good here - come trade with us!
Like the idea of trading your skills, goods or services for a fabulous artwork from someone in your community? Then, the Trade-O-Mat is for you.

Something catching your eye? Fill out a trade slip and drop it in the slot beneath the item you want. Do you knit? Swap a scarf for a sculpture. Are you an accountant? Crunch some numbers for a painting. Everyone has something to share.

The Trade-O-Mat gives you the chance to create community by eliminating the exchange of money for goods and converting the automated experience to one of creative engagement. The Trade-O-Mat converts a machine of self-reliance into a machine of encounters.

Want to build community? Install the Trade-O-Mat at your location. let's talk.

Past Instasllations include:
David Brower Center, Berkeley CA. May 2014
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus OH. October 2012
Open Engagement, Portland ORE. May 2012
Kala Art Institute, Berkeley CA. October 2011