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Drop the consumption
Give it Away! Your Store Moneyfesto
Moneyfest - Connect Rather Than Consume with a Your Store Moneyfesto

Your Store is a community building project disguised as a retail storefront. As part of a special event, we set up shop but rather than selling goods we minted Moneyfestos and gave 'em away.

The Moneyfestos, were adorned with local flora and fauna and asked people to connect rather than consume by suggesting different modes of action or interaction.

We turned the retail tables, the Moneyfestos encouraged people to meet a stranger and find out something about the environment at the same time!
We Give You A Moneyfesto, You Give It Value

Instant Gratification with InstaTrade
Instant Gratification - Speed Swap with Insta Trade
Do you have too much stuff? Experience InstaTrade!

Send your things off with a fond farewell and take home something in exchange. Bring your old clothing, objects, books and odds and ends to swap with something from the InstaTrade table.

Track the comings and goings of stuff, learn about the past owners and create a new story for your object. Give and get at InstaTrade.

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