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Drop the consumption
Coming in April, 2014. Your Store
Your Store - Opening in April at 826 Valencia Street.

Your Store is a community building project disguised as a retail storefront.

Your Store first opened in October 2013 in the Mission district of San Francisco. Everything displayed in the Your Store window comes from conversations we had with people in the community.

Your Store made a second appearance at 826 Valencia Street.

In July 2014, Your Store goes native at the Headlands Center for the Arts for a ONE DAY ONLY event

Trade O Mat
Drop the Consumption - make a connection
Saturday, July 19th
"Meet Your Maker" Event at the David Brower Center, Berkeley CA

Too much stuff?
Here's your chance to send your things off with a fond farewell and bring home something in exchange. Give and get at the one-day-only Insta-Trade event!
Bring your old clothing, objects, books and odds and ends to swap with others.
You can also visit the show...Reimagining Progress: Production, Consumption and Alternative Economies. and check out a new crop of artworks showing in the Trade-O-Mat.